The Diary of a Guardian Angel

Looking out for those who will learn to know better…


So adverts should have started to appear across most of the posts for those people subscribing. This was done a while ago, but eventually I’ll start updating again, so everyone will revel in the glory.

Except so far I’ve just seen some weird hippy nonsense about “finding your personal angel”. But I guess that’s what you get for writing about being a guardian angel anyway.

As for a quick note, it’s all busy busy busy, the office is relocating and I finally got appraised. So more on that when I get around to it.

That’s all for now, if you’re still reading.

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Wrapping up Cassandra

So, anyone who’s been reading the case of Cassandra, the light of my office life, will probably have guessed what’s happened with that story.

But for the lazy or retarded amongst you I shall sum up:

  • Her brother got involved in a gang.
  • They decided to stash drugs in her room.
  • We burgled their house (and caught massive flack for that)
  • She almost got killed.
  • He got the crap beaten out of him by the gang.

Fortunately we were able to pull sufficient strings (or apply enough guilt to enough consciences) to make sure they didn’t kill him.

Since then, he’s very clearly seen the error of his ways, and she’s continued to be an unalloyed delight, her parents have finally re-married (other people, natch) and everything’s ticking along nicely. In fact, such is the success of our little fracas with the burglary that the case has been taken off my hands. Although there’s an excellent chance that that’s more to ensure I don’t kill her prematurely.

All of which means I’m out of her life, and on to some other troublesome case. Yay me!

I’ll probably have some other cases to talk about soon. But for now I thought it best to tidy up the loose ends first. Next week staff performance rating systems! You lucky lucky things.

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